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What we do

Frontend Development

  • NextJS/React
  • Nuxt/Vue
  • Angular
  • CSS

Backend Development

  • NestJS
  • System Integration
  • Databases
  • Docker
  • Cloud & On-Premises

Architecture & Organisation

  • System Architecture
  • Continous Deployment
  • Test strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Requirement engineering
  • Agile implementation

Who we are

Portrait of Daniel Møller

Daniel Møller

Managing Partner

Portrait of Anders Eggers-Krag

Anders Eggers-Krag


Portrait of Francisco Silva

Francisco Silva

Senior Consultant

Portrait of Ramon Küpfer

Ramon Küpfer

Senior Consultant

Situated in Zürich, we help clients develop modern digital solutions.
With a strong background in both front- and backend development and having worked for many of the largest companies in Switzerland, we bring the experience that makes a difference.

Our Experience

Our clients include mid- and large companies from the above industries, however we also respect the privacy of these. Get in contact if you would like to know more about our experience and how we can best support your project team.


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